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Feng Shui

– the art and science of manipulating a building’s energies to create good fortune.

Good fortune means having money to spend, health to enjoy your money and having good relationships with your family, friend and colleagues. It means that everything in your life usually sails smoothly.

Using Feng Shui principles applied to your home, or business may bring this good fortune.

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A qualified Feng Shui consultant usually takes many years to study its complexity as not only are the external and internal forms that affect the building, the individuals living within the building has an impact on it as their destiny is entwined into the energy of the house.

Feng Shui for homes

Your home is your sanctuary where you spend most of your time, including sleeping and relaxing. If it is not set up properly, it can bring health issues, money issues and relationship issues.

Feng Shui for retail shop

With the incorrect set up of your shop, it may mean that you are not getting the potential sales.

Feng Shui for offices and /buildings

Wondering why the sales are down? Or why you can never make a profit with all the good staff and sales personnel and all the big ideas?...

Our Testimonials

Lizette's professionalism and care from my initial consultation through to my assessment allowed me to make simple and effective changes to increase my good fortune and positive energy. I wish I called her sooner. I've definitely been recommending her services to all my family and friends
Melinda D.
I recommend consulting Lizette as she follows traditional principles of Feng Shui but provides modern solutions. I find her suggestions easy to follow.
Susan C.
Perth WA

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